Belle Chiens Puppies

Belle Chiens  Puppies

Belle Chiens Puppies

Havanese Mixes, Poodle mixes & Yolliebears

There are several Havanese mixes and this is just a little information about the ones we breed here at Belle Chiens Puppies. These are all great breeds for allergy sufferers. =)


Gorgeous TeddyPoos


We are so excited to be offering more here at Belle Chiens Puppies. Our new TeddyPoos also known as Daisy dogs are extremely adorable. They are hypoallergenic , non shedding , loyal,  loving,  happy little dogs.  With attributes from each of the breeds Bichon/Shih-Tzu/Poodle makes each puppy stand out.



Havapoo also know as a Poovanese Here at Belle Chiens we have 50% Havanese and 50% Poodle

The Havapoo is a is a cross between the Havanese and Poodle. The Havapoo is intelligent, calm, sweet natured, affectionate and their activity level is low to moderate. The Havapoo is such an adaptable little dog, that many people who otherwise wouldn't be able to have a pet, find they can indeed have a Havapoo. They can be happy and healthy with a small yard, short walks and a sunny window to perch in. Easy to train and very loyal little lap dog. Hypoallergic and non shedding as well ... loving happy lap dogs.  For the Havapoo puppies at Belle Chiens the Dimensions for this breed are 5-12 pounds ... 8 1/2 -12 inches tall appox. With long silky wavy hair :)


Hava/Malt/Tzu is a Cross between a Havanese and a Maltese/Shih-tzu and here at Belle chiens this cross is 50% Havanese and 20% Maltese and 30% Shih-tzu


These are great little companions that are smart, loyal and quick to learn. Familys have said this is an awesome combination of three great breeds. Very sturdy dogs so they are great for children and are small but not to small. Very happy go lucky little dogs that adapt to their enviroment quickly. They vary in size from 9#s to about 15# from 10.5 -12.5 inches tall appoximately. Low to no shedding and hypoallergenic as well.



Havalonka is a cross between a Havanese and a Bolonka and it is a 50/50 Cross of 2 super super smart and beautiful breeds. Full of energy and Love.  Would do great in any type of family and are great for apartment life. They do need adequate exercise and LOTS of LOVE. These will weigh 5-10#s appoximately and be 10-12 inches tall approx. Seach up Bolonka for more information

I wont have many litters of these... just every now and then. Hypoallergenic and non shedding stunning little dogs!


Yolliebear! Bolonkapoo is a cross between a Bolonka and a Poodle and here it is a 50/50 cross    of 2 totally awesome breeds. Super smart , loyal , hypoallergenic, non shedding most lovable dogs ever. You have 2 breeds that very smart, very eager to learn and please you in one gorgeous dog. They love to be by your side,  in your lap taking a nap ,  taking a walk or a long hike with you. They are pretty adaptable to either apartment life or having a large yard to run. With adequate exercise they are great for any family! Search up Bolonka for more information on them. Will weigh between 5-10 and be  8 -12 inches tall.



Bolonki are sturdy, happy, playful little dogs with an affectionate and loving temperament that is ideal for their role in life. They are intelligent, outgoing, trusting and energetic dogs that will also be content to sit quietly on a lap for as long as it is allowed.




A YOLLIEBEAR is a breed that I created like the Hava/Malt/Tzu and the Chorkanese breed. I choose healthy dogs with great temperaments and blend them together to make a wonderful breed. When you like 3 different breeds and only want one dog this is a great choice. Breeds mixed with the Havanese are wonderful dogs with beautiful features and temperaments. I have added the Bolonka-Poo to my Yolliebears. Such an amazing blend with both breeds being very intelligent , happy go lucky, loyal with an outstanding curly/wavy coat.