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Stunning Goldendoodle puppies

These gorgeous  low to non shedding , hypoallergenic , loyal loving dogs are great for all family types. They can live in an apartment as long as they get walked. They love to go for car rides and they can take a great run to. They are bigger but can still live in small homes and apartments. Super fun and loving! Learn very fast and just want to please you. :) If you want a bundle of bouncy love then they will give it to you!! Now i only do Mini 18-26 lbs as adults and some Medium 25-35 lbs as adults. 




We have some beautiful F1B Maltipoo babies here and they are bouncy playful snuggly and loving. All a Maltipoo is supposed to be! Just little bundles of happy loving babies who are smart affectionate and playful. Non shedding and hypoallergenic to add to all that cuteness! Here an F1b is the mom is a Poodle and the Dad is a Maltipoo size is 5-9 lbs  and 5-6 lbs as adults 

Adorable Cavapoos 

These gorgeous loving babies are amazing with all people. They have wonderful personalities that blend into any family and are companions. Outgoing, playful, and curious, these pups inherit some of the best traits from both of their parents. Here i have F1 which is a purebred Cavalier and a Purebred Poodle aka 50/50. Then I have F1b which is 75 %  Poodle and 25 % Cavalier with a Cavapoo Mom and Poodle Dad . These are another one of the smartest sweetest breeds. Coats are dependent on each and individual  puppy and the cross of  F1 or F1b. But personality cant be beat of either one!

Our adorable F1b Lhasapoo


This is a mix of lhasa Apso and a Toy Poodle but these are a Lhasa Poo  with a Toy Pooodle so they are called F1b. They have super soft fur that doesnt shed and they are hypoallergenic. Bouncy playful happy puppies and so smart! With all the traits from their parents they make the wonderful loving puppy. Perfect for any family and any housing situation.




Our little Teddy bear Havapoos


Havapoos are the best of both worlds with the Havanese and Poodle mixed together. Smart, adorable little balls of fur. Very eager to learn which makes training them much easier. They have the teddy bear face and that curly wavy hair. Personality and temperaments are amazing ... very outgoing, bubbly, loving and happy friendly little dogs.

Stunning AKC Toy Poodles

These sweet little darlings are gorgeous! If you have been looking for that perfect toy Poodle look no more. :) Poodles are amazing! Loyal, stunning, smart and just love their person. My experience with my Poodles has been wonderful. The ease of training and their desire to make you happy just brightens everyday. They definitely live up to all a Poodle is raved about. :)



They have such a wonderful playful personality with having all 3 breeds you get such an amazing dog. Teddy bear hypoallergenic non shedding baby. So smart and fast to learn just want to make you happy and snuggle in your lap or bed. The best entertainers lol


Getting a Belle Chiens dog means you are getting a quality pet. We only breed quality parents, so you know you are getting the BEST in quality for your pet. If you are looking for the BEST you have found it. We breed for non-shed , intelligence , Docile , Loving Temperament with health vigor. We make sure you get what you are looking for. We have a variety of mixed puppies including Havapoo with awesome personalities and wonderful temperaments.. Look at the photos gallery for pictures of my past puppies. We now have AKC Toy Poodles to add to our wonderful family. Be sure to check out the up coming litters page! Also, view the reserve a puppy page to get more information on reserving a puppy.



These mischievous, playful little dogs are considered native to Cuba. They take their name from the city of Havana. It’s believed that the dogs were originally brought to Cuba during colonial times from the Spanish island of Tenerife. Trading ships sailing from the Canary Islands brought small dogs to Cuba as early as the 16th century. The little dogs seem to have been popular with the Cuban aristocracy which developed them.

Cuba’s tropical climate played an important role in the development of Havanese dogs. Their coat, in particular, is unique to the breed. It is lightweight and protects him from the heat, but the texture is never wooly or harsh. The Havanese coat has been compared to raw silk. These dogs have been called the Havana Silk Dog and even the Spanish Silk Poodle. The coat is profuse but light and soft. The dog’s head furnishings also protect his eyes from the tropical sun.

The Havanese dog has for centuries been the pampered lapdog of Cuba’s aristocracy but these are hardy little dogs which also make wonderful family pets. Besides their natural role of companion, Havanese have also been watchdogs, playmates for children and even herded their families’ small poultry flocks. Above all, Havanese dogs make a great family dog, a toy dog but sturdy and never fragile.

The popularity of Havanese dogs grew as Cuba prospered. The sweet, intelligent little dogs became trendy in Europe in the 18th century and were later exhibited at dogs shows.

Following the Cuban revolution many people who owned Havanese left Cuba. Some of these dogs ended up in the United States. Almost all Havanese dogs in the world today descend from 11 dogs who were brought out of Cuba following the revolution.


Havanese are natural companion dogs: gentle and responsive. They become very attached to their human families and are excellent with children. Very affectionate and playful with a high degree of intelligence. These cheerful dogs are very sociable and will get along with everyone including people, dogs, cats and other pets. They are easy to obedience train and get along well with other dogs. This curious dog loves to observe what is going on. They are sensitive to the tone of one's voice and will not listen if they sense that they are stronger minded than their owner, however they will also not respond well to harsh discipline. Owners need to be calm, yet possess an air of natural authority. The Havanese have a long reputation of being circus dogs, probably because it learns quickly and enjoys doing things for people. Few tend to bark a lot, as they can be taught not to do this. It is not their nature to bark a lot. It is best to teach them not to bark unnecessarily while they are still young to prevent it from becoming a habit. Havanese are good watch dogs - making sure to alert you when a visitor arrives, but will quickly welcome the guest once it sees you welcome them. Some dogs, who have not been properly socialized, may exhibit a degree of shyness around strangers, but this is not characteristic of the breed. Havanese live for your every word and gesture.

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