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From day one Yolanda had been very helpful and informative. She would send us pictures and videos weekly! When we first got Chico transition was very smooth he wasn't shy and very loving you can tell he was well taken care of and loved. My daughter loves him and he's a sweetheart always want to cuddle and give us kisses. Yolanda would message us to check up on the puppy too what a sweet breeder she is. In the future if Chico would get a playmate I would definitely come to her. She's wonderful! Thank you!

Baguyos Family

Gracie on 6-2-15 her 5 month birthday. We love her more each day! So so smart! So easy to train! Gracie is the best dog we have ever had! Seriously!


Yolanda, Michael and I have had good dogs, but we are thoroughly impressed with our girls. They are super smart and already learning so much.


AunaBella & Elsie

3 years ago I got this precious lil girl from you and it was the best thing I have ever purchased. I love her more than words. Ellie bear is her name and she is spoiled rotten. Thank u again.


Hi Yolanda, annie continues to be a great addition to our family at five months old she is crate trained, goes on three walks A day, has enough spunkyness for all of us, and likes her hair long...we have a nice groomer. I just picked her up and they put a bow in her hair again. hope you are well.

Irene Bill and Lily

Annie the Havapoo

It's been 1 year since our little Ava was born. Yolanda still keeps in touch with us and asks us how she is doing. We adore our sweet little puppy (Bolankapoo), She is sweet, playful, and loving. She is healthy and thriving. Yolanda was great to work with, I was nervous since I just randomly found her online. The whole experience couldn't have gone better. If I'm ever looking for another puppy I will definitely contact Yolanda.

Karri Huhta

Happy mom!!!

We picked up our little bundle of love, Brodie from Yolanda almost three weeks ago and we are so in love with her. She is the best puppy we could have ever wished for. We met her when she was still a tiny pup and from the second she saw us again, she knew us! Brodie came into our home and meshed with everything and everyone around her. Yolanda is a gem to work with. We received pictures and videos of our baby every week. Our puppy baby sleeps up to 8 hours every night, rings bells to go out to the bathroom, eats well, and is full of love. It is quite evident that Yolanda puts her whole heart into the puppy raising process. She knows how to make the puppy's transition into a new home an easy one. We gave her shirts that we had worn so Brodie would be familiar with our smell when she saw us again. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I cannot say enough nice things about Yolanda. She is a wonderful, honest breeder with a heart of gold. I recommend her to everyone!

Joy Saudargas and Chris Ofalt

Satisfied puppy parents

I cant begin to tell you how much Pip means to me. Everyone he comes in contact with falls in love with him. He is sweet, smart and a character. He makes my life complete.

Thank you for such a precious gift

Pips mom

Even before our sweet little Havapoo, Desi, was born, we established a warm relationship with Yolanda via email. Her caring and loving way with her "furbabies" really pays off in the end result. Our Desi is smart, sweet-natured, and adorable, and Yolanda did a great job in preparing him (and us) for the transition to join our family. We are very happy with our new addition!

Thanks again Yolanda!


I got a beautiful bolonka little boy. He is a fantastic little guy who fits in with our other dogs so well. He is gorgeous, sweet, and smart. What more could I ask. Yolanda made the experience so fun along the way. This is the. Eat "getting a puppy" experience ever. 💕


We love our little havapoo Hershey. She is so sweet and spunky! Yolanda was very kind and always responsive. Yolanda is an amazing breeder. She really cares for these puppies and takes amazing care. Please give my information to anyone who may need a reference.

Yolanda! Thank you for my precious little Jagger. She and Nico have found a love that not even I could have imagined. He really seems to care for her and I know he will make an excellent big brother. Your constant contact and updates made our transition a pleasant one. Although it was a little rough for a few days, Jagger displayed love from the moment we met. She is so affectionate and loves to roll over on her back and get rubs. She is the ultimate addition to our little family. Yolanda, you are the best! Michele, Nico and Jagger the TeddyPoo


Miss Jagger

Yolanda is the best, she has send me the perfect pet for my family, i spoke to her on mother's day and by wednesday i have my family's joy Carmine...He is amazing he is beautiful he is playful he is healthy he is great. Thanks Yolanda Thanks a million. I will most you to anyone that needs a Pet.



Hi Yolanda! I hope all is well. I wanted to share some pictures of Dexter. He has brought me so much joy❤️. Housebreaking is at about 95% success rate. We are going to start bell training so he has a way to tell me he needs to go---he completely understands the place to go is outside---so we just need a way for him to say hello....I'm ready!! He has started to loose his baby teeth. We started puppy classes 2 weeks ago and he is by far, the smartest and cutest pupil----so maybe I am a tiny bit biased��. He has been sleeping through the night since late June. By the beginning of July, without any classes at all he learned sit, speak, sshhh (quiet), lay down, roll over, and we are working on take a bow. He loves playing with his cousin nemo. He went on a trip with me and my mom to Florida for 3 weeks in June. He was an amazing traveler. One of the pictures is me and him on the beach. He is the best decision I ever made. "


Dexter Havalonka

"Gracie on 6-2-15 her 5 month birthday. We love her more each day! So so smart! So easy to train! Gracie is the best dog we have ever had! Seriously!"


We've worked with several breeders over the years but our experience with Yolanda tops them all. She provided photos and videos so that we felt we already knew Cocoa and Teddy. Her commitment to her puppies is obvious in those videos, as well as in the puppies. Our two came home knowing their names, well on the road to house-training, healthy, confident, happy and eager to be part of our family. I couldn't imagine a better start! Thank you for Cocoa and Teddy, Yolanda, you're a gem!


Couldn't be more impressed!

Best puppy and breeder ever! Zack is 10 months old now and is such a delightful little guy! He is a sweet cuddle bug and is a great little brother to our two 9 year old sons. Although he's a little dog, his temperment seems similar to a very playful golden retriever or lab - no nervousness or yappinness like is often the case for small breeds. He's super smart and was pretty easy to house train and get acclimated to walking with a leash and being an all around well-mannered guy. His health has been excellent and he's been great around other dogs - not aggressive or scared. Yolanda's communication and support was outstanding from first contact through after he came home - she made sure he was doing well with the transition and offered helpful suggestions to ensure success. Great experience in all aspects!


I don't even know where to begin. My wife and I come from dog families, so once we finally moved out of our restricting apartment, we knew it was time to get a dog. Stumbling upon Yolanda was the best thing to happen to us. Not only does she truly care for the puppies but she shares updates and photos of them with us constantly. By the time we picked up Charlie it was like we already knew him! He was a bit shy the first day but two days later and he already knows his name and seems to be potty trained!! Yolanda is still checking in and always quick with good advice. I would recommend her to anyone considering a dog. as she makes it such a fun and stress free experience.. Not to mention how well behaved they are!



pat harrison

Rocco is now 4 months old. He has such a loving personality and is now housebroken,sleeping 8 hours through the night. No more two am potty walks. Yolanda, kept us posted throughout his early puppy days and I began preparing for Rocco. This is a puppy that loves people and his toys. Thrives on affection. Beautiful Hava Poo. Thanks Yolanda. He is perfect.


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