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Happy Family Tails =) More on the Testimonial page!

Dear Yolanda,

I wanted to write and give you an update on the puppy I got from you this fall! He was named Riley, but I changed his name to Theodore (Theo for short) after I was reminded that another dog in my extended family was named Riley. He has been the absolute best puppy and I fall more in love with him every single day if that’s possible!

He’s been a joy to live with and train, and he’s been wonderfully healthy. He’s the darling of my office, where he comes to work with me everyday. Everyone here just loves him, and everyone who meets him out and about wants to know where I got him!

I really just wanted to sincerely thank you for letting him be part of my life. I’ve been working at The Chronicle of the Horse magazine, and every year we feature a gallery of holiday pets. Theo is going to be in the staff pets gallery this year. I’ve attached his photo (and a couple other ones, including one with his best friend – my coworker's collie, Wasabi) to this email. I hope that you and all of your wonderful dogs are doing well. Happy Holidays!

Best wishes,

Jasmine and Theo

(pictures are in our photo gallery under Bolonkapoo)

Dear Grandma,

We miss you! Thank you for helping us come into the world and teaching us out first life lessons. We are very happy living in NJ and wanted you to know we are well. We promise to stay in touch!


Spike and Molly

Havapoo puppies

Gracie Havapoo happily living in Oregon with her family:)

 I never bought a puppy before online and u were so much in touch with messages and pictures from birth til she came to me. It put me at ease after paying deposit and kept me feeling close to everything that was going on ! Thank you.

Thomas Now Scooby went to live with his new family in Fountain Hills, AZ

Hi Yolanda, it was wonderful to meet you today and let me tell you, we just LOVE our little Scooby :-). He has been such a good boy, eating and drinking well and doing a great job going on his pee pad! I will sure be keeping in touch with updates and pictures! Thank you so much for allowing Scooby to become a part of our family!!

Tina :-)

Trever is now Mochi and lives with his new family in Tuscon, AZ

Hi. Just to let you know Trevor is doing fine. We named him Mochachino after the coffee drink: coffee, sugar, low fat milk, whip with cinnamon on top! This is what he looks like! He is doing great, we are undertaking potty training and crate training. The first couple of days he cried a little at night, but last night he only whimpered for ten or fifteen minutes, so we are almost there! The potty training has been great. We praise him when he does potty outside with "Good Potty" and he wags his tail. He is very proud when he goes outside.


Kilee now Indy is living happily in California with Pat, Chuck and big brother Chase

She slept with us. Chuck awoke at about 4:30 and took her out and then back to bed. She awoke with us about 7. Took her out again and thus far no problem. I have also noticed that she is adapting really well to her new surroundings. At first she was a little timid about venturing out about the house, by this evening she was walking about with a bone in her mouth with no cares in the world. I even caught her playing or more like challenging Chase and when he would look her way quickly she would run back under an upholstered chair for cover. In fact I think she has chosen this particular spot as hers. She's the best and Chase is so good with her. I knew he would be! Labs will be labs.


Hi there,

Thought I'd send you a recent picture of Indy. The first one is today just after her bath.I also thought you'd enjoy seeing her with her BIG brother Chase. We and "everyone" she meets loves her! She's such a social butterfly!!

Hope all is well.


Hi Yolanda,

Bailey is doing great, however, still likes to tear up her grass and pad in her crate on occasion, but that will get better once we can ween her off of that. Here is her latest photo...who knew she would become a Bears fan like her family!


 Dominos First Haircut at 4 Months Havanese =)

 Here is a great picture of Domino at 6months. He is such a lil stinker, but we love him very much. Thank you so much!

Nylah - Hava/Lhasa/Poo

hey hope all is well. Just wanted to update you on Nylah she still doesn't like other dogs lol. She is very loving and BAD! She gets into everything but we just love her. She is the best she was spayed two weeks ago and has had a full recovery. Thanks again!

 Ashiya and Alexander Havapoo sister and brother with their new family in Maryland

Ashiya is sitting and Alexander is in the forefront this time

Thanks for helping make them all mine!

Hi Yolanda,

We are having soooo much fun and they done got kinda big.

Everything is wonderful and they get a lot of love.

Ashiya is very demanding and she is a bully and is a stalker and she

is a rebel and very different and spoiled; while Alexander

is soooo cool and layed back...... basically he is like whatever!

Both are adorable.

They have a scheduled operation coming up so I'll send more pics

likely afterwards.

Always good news hearing from you!



From Nylah's a Hava/Lhasa/poo mom

Hey just wanted to update you on Nylah's progress. She is learning quick but still shy around other dogs and people. She is healthy and weighed in at 4 pounds. She just t her 10 week shots!

Bennington Hava/Lhasa/Poo and Patterson Havapoo

Hey Yolanda,

Here are some of the pictures of the puppies. They are soooooo cute!! (As you can see!) We love them so much!! And they get along really well. They play together all the time. I will send some more later, I promise!

Just to remind you, the lighter one is Bennington and the darker one is Patterson.

Richie Hava/Malt/Zu with his new family

Thank you,


This is Tilly Hava/Lhasa/Poo with her new family


APRIL 2012 Update

Hi Yolanda,

I just wanted to give you an update on Tilly. We are all in love with her. She's adjusting very well and likes her crate now and will go in it on her own for naps now. As you know, she loves being outside and is especially smitten with the wild onions in our yard. She is happy and laid back. We are working on house breaking. She has me trained to take her out many times! Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her.



This is Lily Hava/Lhasa/Poo

Hi Yolanda, hope u r doing well. Just wanted to send lily's latest pictures.. Below is right after a home bath. She has never looked more beautiful. She is growing up very fast.

Here is lily ringing the bell to go down for doing her business. She is such an intelligent girl (easily distracted though). She is completely house broken and that's such a relief.

Baxter Havanese at home with his new family

We have had such a fun few days with Baxter! He is such a sweetheart!.

He is doing pretty well in the crate and he loves to follow us around and

play with the other dogs. We are delighted with our new addition to the

family. Thanks for such a great puppy. I will send pictures soon!


Hi Yolanda, this is Cynthia :) Hava/Malt/zu

I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love our sweet little puppy. He is adorable and fits right in with our family. I'm attaching a few pictures of our boys with Chester :)

So far, we have had great success with potty-training him. He hasn't had an accident in the last 3 days. He goes by the door when he needs to go potty. He's also starting to sleep longer at night. On Christmas Eve he slept almost 7 hours. Christmas day he slept a little less, but I think he's starting to get used to our schedule. He also seems to be growing surprisingly quickly :). He's very happy and playful. People just love him and want to hug him all the time :)

Thank you so much again for letting us get him :) He's brought so much joy to our family.

Stay in touch!


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