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Information about Parasites

All dogs get parasites and its a treatable condition. Clinical signs of coccidiosis usually are present or shortly following stress such as weather changes; weaning; overcrowding; long automobile or plane rides; relocation to a new home and new owners; and/or unsanitary conditions. In general, coccidiosis affects the intestinal tract and symptoms are associated with it. In mild cases, only a watery diarrhea may be present, and if blood is present in the feces, it is only in small amounts. Take your puppy to the vet if it has any these symptoms... and of course always call me.

There are several things out on the market for treating parasites... taking a stool sample to your vet is the fastest way to diaganose. All my puppies get checked for parasites before coming home to you and if needed always they are treated. :))

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