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Simone 6.6 lbs F1 Yorkiepoo she loves to be held and gives snuggles has a great personality

Holli purebred Havanese 6 lbs Sweetest adorable loving girl

Row 20 lbs F1b Mini Goldendoodle Such a fun girl with a happy loving personality with a fluffy wavy coat

Skyla 7 lbs AKC Toy Poodle she a happy go lucky snuggly girl

Tootsie Akc Toy Poodle hes more reserved with people has his favorites but passes on wonderful temperaments to his puppies

Rocket AKC Toy Poodle he is outgoing playful and speedy hence the name lol


Roan AKC Havanese He is a very loving outgoing bouncy boy always happy

Dudley 26 lbs F1b Mini Goldendoodle he is very outgoing and such an good boy excellent loving temperament

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