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Contract and Health Guarantee

 Here I have posted the contract in picture form, If you decide to place a deposit I will send you the contract to view .  PLEASE NOTE DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.


PLEASE NOTE: Most puppies are ready for their new home at 9 weeks old and that's normally when we let them go. So please plan to pick your puppy up at that time. Unless of course I think they need to stay with us longer and then I will pick the date. I am flexible for 2-3 days after that time for pick up. After that I charge a 20.00 daily fee for the additional care of the puppy not including additional vaccines. I WILL KEEP THE PUPPY FOR 5 EXTRA DAYS NO EXCEPTIONS. The reason for this is because in my opinion the sooner the puppy joins their new family the easier the transition will be on them. If I am keeping the puppy longer all boarding fee is required in ADVANCE. Sorry for the inconvenience but to many people are asking me to keep the puppy longer and then not picking the puppy up. Thank you so much for all your understanding. :)    

A non refundable deposit is required to reserve a Havapoo,  Havanese,Cavapoo, HavaTzu and Shihpoo, Havamaltipoo, Maltishipoo Maltipoo goldendoodle puppy in the amount of 250.00- 350 per puppy that is done through square. I send an invoice to your email to pay with your card. I DONT TAKE CHECKS NO EXCESPTIONS Reserving with a deposit for the puppy makes sure you get the puppy you want and are serious about bringing that puppy home. I dont refund the deposit because you find a puppy closer to home or thats ready sooner. Deposits are NON Refundable because I am holding that puppy and may have passed up other good homes. In an unforeseen event like a pregnancy doesn't take or a tragedy happens while the puppy is my care the deposit is refundable in that case.


FOR DEPOSITS... if you place a deposit and then are unable to get the puppy you can transfer to another puppy or litter for up to 1 year. IF it has been 2 puppies you passed up on after they were held for weeks your deposit will be forfeited... no longer able to transfer to another puppy.   If  you pick a puppy then change your mind and change to a different puppy after picking their is a 200.00 additional fee for this because now i am readvertising a previously reserved puppy that passed up other potential homes.







References are available and I am happy to share with you:)


ALL my Havanese, Havapoo, HavaLhasapoo, Shihpoo, Cavapoo, Malshi and Maltishipoo , cockapoo or  goldendoodles all puppies are sold as pets with the intention that will be spayed/neutered. I DO NOT give my consent for them to be used for breeding. Nor do I give any guarantee they are suited for breeding. Of course they are all great pet/companion quality.:) If you are considering breeding you should speak with me up front before placing a deposit as my contract is for non breeding only. Thank you so much for your honesty!


We can deliver or meet for a FEE to most places here on the east coast coast. You can also fly in to a near by airport and we can meet you there with your baby. You of course are more than welcome to come to my home and meet the puppies and parents. Delivery or meeting is not free it takes time and gas there is a FEE even an hour. Thank you for you understanding. Micro chipping is not available as per my vets advice they are too small and chips can migrate or come out. Puppies will stay with me until i feel they are ready which is usually 9 to 9 1/2 weeks unless its a bigger breed like goldendoodle.



My purebred Havanese & Toy Poodle are sold with a spay/neuter agreement with Limited AKC registration, CKC or ACA registration. Some litters do not come with papers. Price varies depending on color, gender and which registry they come with. These are for pet families only no breeding rights.  Thank you! :)


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